Frequently asked questions

How can I ask Multi Multi for help?

Go to the contact page, and send us an email with your help question. We will look at your questions, and we will connect you to someone who can help.

Do I need to pay anything?

No! We help each other for free. If we connect you to someone, this person will help you for free. We would appreciate it if you could also help someone else.

Do I need to be a multipotentialite to work with Multi Multi?

No, we would like to work with everybody: specialists and multipotentialites. We do think that multipotentialites would be amazing to join our helpdesk. It is a known fact that multipotentialites are very good at solving problems and connecting people.

How can I help Multi Multi?

We need all the help we can get. Please join us with your knowledge and enthusiasm. The following jobs need immediate help:
- social media, we need writers and influencers
- help desk, this is a very flexible job: you only need a computer. You can organize your hours.
- sponsorships, connect companies and institutions for financial support
- connect people who can help us develop
- ...

What kind of help can I ask for

All questions, it doesn't matter what kind of help you need. We will do our utmost best to connect you to the right person. If your question is too difficult, we will contact you to try to solve your issue differently.

How does it work with privacy?

We don't share your details unless we found someone who can help you. We will give this person a multi-multi e-mail address that reconnects to you. You can decide what kind of information you want to share.