It's for free!

Yes, it's for free! no hidden costs, just help each other!

And why would anyone help for free? Because everybody needs help from time to time. And when you do need help it doesn't mean you can't help anyone else. 

Especially now, with COVID19 in the world, we need each other more than ever. One of the founders became homeless himself after some bad luck. His only way forward was thanks to the kind people who wanted to help him. He also was able to help other people, although he was in some big problems himself. 

If you can't find a job for yourself, it doesn't mean you can't help anyone else to get a job. And helping people, especially when you need help yourself is the most satisfying thing to do in life. Make a difference for someone you don't know. And people will do the dame for you.

And if someone wants to donate, please do, we will be able to do even more with a little bit of financial support.