Who are we?

Multi Multi BV was started by multipotentialites, ...


Hi, my name is Perry Knoppert, a Multipotentialite. I am working in photography, filmmaking, chaos management, creativity, writing, and public speaking. Because I became homeless after coming back to the Netherlands, I wanted to create this platform for everyone worldwide for free. Let us connect people to solve problems!




Hi, my name is Eric Mes, a Multipotentialite. I am working in the IT sector, but I also have experience in the car and boat industry. I think it is important to connect people and let everyone operate from their own strengths, in this way we can help each other. The world is changing and the vision of Multi Multi reflects my thoughts!

Hi, my name is Theo Purmer, a Multipotentialite. I had been working for 30 years as an IT consultant until I found out that I am a multipotentialite.
I normally work in the background and that is also what I do at Multi Multi. I work on fundraising, finances, the multi incubator, and helping people connect.

Hi, my name is Jenny Arolinna. I am originally from Finland but have lived in The Netherlands for many years now. My background is in IT support, but as an entrepreneur, I have also been a Beauty Consultant, Fitness Studio Manager, and a Co-Founder in an EdTech startup; first learning marketing and now running operations. All and all, I love helping and connecting with people, so at Multi Multi, I am excited to co-create a helping platform and building a community. My life motto is: experience as much as possible! 

Hi, this is you! Join our team of Multipotentialites and other amazing people. Would you like to help us? Develop our platform, connect people all over the world, create attention for our platform?

We are looking for you, join us.